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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!  I’m excited to see that National Geographic is celebrating Earth Day 2016 with a magazine dedicated to Yellowstone National Park, one of the shared treasures between my home state of Montana and our neighbor to the south, Wyoming.  Yellowstone is a remarkable place, where I’ve been blessed to spend many days exploring gurgling mudpots and steam-spewing geysers, heavy-breathing bison herds on crisp winter mornings, grizzly and wolf spottings, and innumerable glimpses of elk, coyote, bear, deer, foxes, goats, eagles, and of course, wide-eyed tourists.  While I wait to bring my own children to know Yellowstone, this Earth Day edition of National Geographic will have to tide me over 🙂  It certainly doesn’t hurt that National Geographic brought together Montana-writer extraordinaire David Quammen with phenomenal photographer Michael Nichols (both celebrated as well for their excellent work in Gabon) to tease out the nuances and wonders of Yellowstone.



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