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Glimpses through the Forest: Memories of Gabon

Map of Gabon

Map of Gabon

To obtain a paperback copy, please visit here. The Kindle edition is available here.

Situated in Central Africa, the nation of Gabon is a vibrant and mysterious place full of rich history, diverse culture, and stunning biodiversity. In the midst of the African rainforest, a Peace Corps volunteer from Montana is thrust into a new life of adventure and discovery. This vivid retelling of one man’s experiences takes readers on an extraordinary journey through daily life, cultural events, and ongoing conservation efforts, and shares his love affair with a country that will forever own a piece of his heart. An enthralling account of life in Gabon, particularly around the Ndougou Lagoon, this new book by Jason Gray leaves us with powerful impressions of a remarkable country.

From close encounters with forest elephants to classroom teaching challenges, Glimpses through the Forest: Memories of Gabon shows the importance of understanding other cultures while enhancing individual awareness of the global community. Filled with fond recollections of daily life, the Peace Corps, and working for WWF International, this engaging account places us right in the middle of an enticing new environment.

Map of Gamba Area

Map of Gamba Area

Glimpses through the Forest aims to provide readers with vivid snapshots of a little-known place and its captivating people. With an emphasis on conservation efforts and daily life in Gabon, this outstanding memoir describes the depths of people’s passions, generosity, and the rich culture of a unique nation. These heartfelt memories and Gray’s underlying reverence for Gabon and its people create an insightful cross-cultural experience.

Glimpses through the Forest is an engaging read for eco and cultural travel enthusiasts, conservationists, nature lovers, and other adventure seekers.

To obtain a paperback copy, please visit here. The Kindle edition is available here.


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  1. Sara Bruya says:

    Looking forward to reading this, Jason! Didn’t remember that you were also from Montana!? Hope all is well. 🙂

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