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Negotiating Climate Justice at the Subnational Scale: Challenges and Collaborations between Indigenous Peoples and Subnational Governments, in ROUTLEDGE HANDBOOK ON CLIMATE JUSTICE (Tahseen Jafry ed.) (Nov. 2018)

I was a coauthor of this chapter on negotiating climate justice between subnational governments and indigenous peoples in an exciting new, first edition, climate justice compendium.  Chapter 32 explores how climate change mitigation strategies for forest conservation have reconfigured partnerships between indigenous peoples and subnational governments.

From the publisher:

The term “climate justice” began to gain traction in the late 1990s following a wide range of activities by social and environmental justice movements that emerged in response to the operations of the fossil fuel industry and, later, to what their members saw as the failed global climate governance model that became so transparent at COP15 in Copenhagen. The term continues to gain momentum in discussions around sustainable development, climate change, mitigation and adaptation, and has been slowly making its way into the world of international and national policy. However, the connections between these remain unestablished.

Addressing the need for a comprehensive and integrated reference compendium, The Routledge Handbook of Climate Justice provides students, academics and professionals with a valuable insight into this fast-growing field. Drawing together a multidisciplinary range of authors from the Global North and South, this Handbook addresses some of the most salient topics in current climate justice research, including just transition, urban climate justice and public engagement, in addition to the field’s more traditional focus on gender, international governance and climate ethics. With an emphasis on facilitating learning based on cutting-edge specialised climate justice research and application, each chapter draws from the most recent sources, real-world best practices and tutored reflections on the strategic dimensions of climate justice and its related disciplines.

The Routledge Handbook of Climate Justice will be essential reading for students and scholars, as well as being a vital reference tool for those practically engaged in the field.

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