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Day 4 Facebook #challengeonnaturephotography

Day 4! For my ‪#‎challengeonnaturephotography‬ photo today, I’m heading back home to showcase the beauty of where I grew up, the Little Belt Mountains of Montana. The Little Belts are home to fantastic biodiversity, including Ponderosa Pines, Douglas Firs, mule deer, elk, black bear, moose, rainbow and cutthroat trout, mountain blue birds and great grey owls. They are an important recreational, spiritual, touristic, hunting, fishing, and ranching treasure for Montanans and the world. My family’s horses spend much of the year in these mountains, enjoying native grasses, and in the winter, digging through fine Montana snow to nibble on vegetation. For my nomination today, I’m tapping a friend and fellow Montanan who has some awesome Montana photography! Alexis Bonogofsky, here’s the challenge – post one photo a day for 7 days to promote wildlife conservation, and nominate a new friend each day to do the same.

Horses in Little Belt Mountains MT by Jason Gray


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