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Day 1 Facebook #challengeonnaturephotography

Day 1 of my ‪#‎challengeonnaturephotography‬ from Bas Huijbregts. Enjoying seeing all of the wonderful photos posted for this challenge! I’m following on Bas’ post of a forest elephant on the beach in Gabon with one of my favorite lucky shots I captured not far from that beach, and still in Loango National Park. This picture was taken from less than 10 feet away, while sitting in a stalled-out, four-person boat in the middle of the river this marvelous creature was attempting to cross. This elephant also graces the cover of my book, Glimpses through the Forest: Memories of Gabon. To bring some human action in snow to this challenge, I nominate Aaron Theisen to participate as well – his photos in umpteen outdoor magazines and guide books are simply phenomenal!

Forest Elephants in Gabon

Forest elephants in Gabon (by Jason Gray)


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