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Remote Sensing Image Captures Forest Biomass and Forest Elephant in Lope National Park, Gabon!

I saw a story today that I had to share… Conservation, often thought of as a field-work only endeavor, truly benefits from well-designed and creatively-implemented technological advances!  From the world of biomass mapping and remote sensing developed to help implement programs to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation, with the goal of inventorying, monitoring, measuring, reporting, and verifying carbon stocks, comes a great wildlife-related image developed in Lope National Park, Gabon.  To my knowledge, this is the first 3D LiDAR image of a forest elephant in Gabon (at least the first I’ve seen!).  These remote sensing technologies are proving ever more important to landscape-scale conservation.  WWF has started using drone technology to combat illegal wildlife poaching and trafficking.  And mapping tools from GIS to laser to CLASlite continue to advance and improve conservation, climate, and sustainable development efforts.  Glimpses through the Forest relays some of my personal forest elephant encounters, and these new tools promise to help ensure communities and conservationists can work together to help protect elephant and other wildlife habitat.