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Gabon Book Stocking Stuffer

For your forest-loving, travel-seeking, elephant glimpsing adventurer friends and family, here’s a terrific stocking stuff: my book about the forests, people, and biodiversity of Gabon.  Video review available here.  Book available at Amazon.

Excellent News for Conservation Efforts in Gabon!

This news is outstanding recognition of the long-standing conservation and climate leadership in Gabon.  Diboti Gabon and Norway for the climate support!


Gabon could earn up to $150 million for forest conservation

Book Review: Fall Back Down When I Die by Joe Wilkins

Much as his poetic writing evokes the “hard snow glister[ing] beneath the sun,” Joe Wilkins’ masterful debut novel, Fall Back Down When I Die, is as ragged, raw, and sharp-edged as the Bull Mountains of eastern Montana.  Like the northern sun exposing bleached bones in a drought-dried coulee, this book exposes people of firmly held convictions and tough-as-leather circumstances, juxtaposed as can be, for the reader to ponder, absorb, grin along or cry with, and shake a fist at.  An overwhelming sense of place, poetic, tragic, lovely.  Goddamn… this book is a must read.